Gangsta Girl

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"Gangsta Girl"The final cut.

"Gangsta Girl"

One of my experiments in photo manipulation. Slowly getting there I guess, but feedback is always welcome. More so if it helps!!!

The following images show the different stages to getting to this final image.

1) The Background.

A "Space Invader" found in Manchester's Northern Quarter. You find Space Invaders in most cities across the world now. Be the small or large like this one.

2) The Model

Ly, my model for the day.

This was taken at a group shoot using off camera strobe. So far I've processed then image in Lightroom to give me that initial grunge look. You'll see me use that a lot.

From Lightroom we go into Photoshop to tidy the image up and cut out the background.

3) Test Concept

An initial test composite to see if the idea will work.

I needed to remove the pipes and posts and in this image you can see the start of that happening, along with the moving Space Invader. Brings that music/sound they used in the game.

4) More alterations and movements.

A minor growth spurt to Ly to bring more attention to her and dulled down the invader.


5) The final image

Along with some additional bodging and burning to lighten Ly's face and some light in the background.


I hope you found that in an interesting insight into how some images can come together. Not to mention that what you see isn't always what was.

What do you think of "Gangsta Girl"?


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