First as a Second and then as the First

April 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So my first weddings as an up front and centre photographer and what a journey.

Such a steep learning curve but with a helping hand from my guide and mentor Sonia Lilley and later Lee Inskip-Clark as my equal photography. We made a great team.

One of the key things I learnt - planning. A little will go a long long way.

For the photographer - work with the couple to get a list of them key shorts, you know them formal one, the group, bride's side, groom's side, the long lost cousin. Get them down, get the names, know when you're going to do it and get a runner to collect and gather the people. The Best Man is normally a good start for that one.

Most of all get to know what your bride and groom would like.

For the happy couple - If you're thinking of getting married, having that day to remember and want it captured - spend time with your photographer. Get to know them to the point where you don't know they are they're there anymore.

Why? Well, so you can relax when they are around, you can be yourself and then the magic happens - those lovely images of the Moment will come and not look false.

That was my first lesson and boy was I in the deep end.


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