First PhotoWalk of the Year

January 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

PhotoWalk 2016 - Number 1 - Destination Blackpool

As you may have guessed I love Street Photography and I guess I class myself as a Street Photographer first and foremost, but it is something that is often shunned by photographers from other styles.

Why? I guess there is an element of fear. What are people thinking, what if they see me? What if they question what I'm doing - they'll hit me and steal my equipment.

All of which is far from the truth and the best way of doing this is to try it for real. Thus my PhotoWalks - people always feel safer in numbers.

The first walk of the year was in Blackpool which resulted in class images. Here are a few -

Title : A Little Comedy Underfoot


Title : Lenux


Title : Giving their Time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fancy giving street photography a go? Why not join me on a photowalk


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