Second Photowalk of the year - Preston

March 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

PhotoWalk 2016 - Number 2 - Destination Preston

The year is moving on and it was time to run another photowalk with the hope that it would be warmer and we'd get some sun. My luck wasn't there as per normal as storm Katie made her way across England - luckily it was to the south of our intended destination and we basically had a grey day with only a little moment of the wet stuff.

It was Easter Saturday and because it was the Easter holidays I decided to try our home town of Preston, a place that I've found a challenge in the past. However, in our favour we had in town the Lancashire Markets so we were at least expecting some activity. The plan - well other than starting at a local cafe called Ham and Jam there wasn't really one but it did form over coffee. It got a little more complicated when all the people who said they would come actually came and I had more to deal with that normal - a lesson to learn there for future events.

Visit the bus station, then nip through the regular market, visit a pop-up exhibition called Pride of Place put on by The Caravan Gallery then do the Lancashire Market to see what characters were in town. Here are some of the images I took on route.

1) The Man behind the Ham and Jam

The Man Behind Ham and JamThe Man Behind Ham and Jam

2) The Smoker

The SmokerThe Smoker


3) The Underpass

4) A Waiting Station

5) Still Shopping

6) Just Not for Me

7) With the Beats

I'm already planning the next trip so if you fancy joining and getting a hands on experience of Street Photography please contact me.


Alf Myers - Photography
Thanks Lee.

Groups size matters I think, more so if we want to make it a learning experience.

If not, a route with planned meeting/collection points. We're always learning. :-)
good day as always Mr Myers, I'm in for next time, maybe a smaller group ?
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