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April 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Getting a Little Feedback


Not so long ago I was invited to a writing group who were interested in undertaking a little experiment. That experiment being, what would a group of creatives and writers make of my images and would the images inspire?

At first, it may appear a strange idea, but considering that with each image I hope I'm trying to tell a story. It may be one dimensional or it may have many layers but I hope there is a story in each image. It turns out that the phrase, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" holds true on many levels.

For the group a shared one of my favourite images and probably the one that really started me down the genre of street photography. That image being Street Tango -

Street TangoStreet Tangohttp://alfagraphy.zenfolio.com/

Street Tango shows a couple dancing on the streets in Helsinki. They're doing one of the most intricate and difficult styles, in my view, to do well whilst expressing feeling. When I watched them I saw a connection and their shared joy of the moment. His strong lead but tender touch. Her full contact, surrendering herself to him with utter affection. It really was a joy to see, and thus, I tried to catch that moment.

So what were the writing groups views? Some saw this connection others didn't but the one that stuck in my head was - "It is their last dance. She is completely fooled as he leads her around the floor, yet he knows what will be coming when the music stops. Never again shall they dance..." I may have got the wording wrong but I was struck at how I could see a joyful and tender moment yet from the very same print a sinister plot was beginning to emerge.

The group was asked to pick an image and write a story or poem based on it. I'm very intrigued to see what comes back. 

On the flip side - what are your thoughts on "Street Tango"? Please be gentle.


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