Wedding at Knowsley Hall - Editing an Image

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A Fantastic Location

Not so long ago I had the pleasure to support James Randolph shooting a wedding at a stunning location, Knowlesy Hall. The venue was just amazing filled with history, rooms to explore and lots of potential for some beautiful photography. I sure hope we get to return at some point and learn from our first visit there.

The ceremony was held in a gorgeous room, however, it was difficult lighting! Especially at the vantage point I had... straight down the aisle and directly into the bright windows. That being said I got one of the images from the day there, or at least in my book it was.

First Kiss -

The starting point

But this isn't the images that came directly out of the camera. This is - Not that inspiring is it? But with a little work we can lift the image! Most of the work was done using a product called Lightroom, I used it to help pull out detail in the darker areas, play with the colour balance to help see a white dress and also to help draw attention to the happy couple. Using clarity, curves and local adjustments we take a large step forward. The result is -

The Lightroom Edit
I hope you would admit that this a large step forward. However, there are some unwanted distractions! The videographer, two photographers and the registrar just peeking out from behind the lovely couple. Although they were there, they really don't add to the image and with a little magic, a new reality can be made.

The use of the clone tool can help to rebuild small, or not so small, areas of an image. Bit by bit you can remove the aspects that distract from the image and bring back what was behind them. Yes, it isn't reality, but in this case, we're capturing a dream, an emotion and memory - all of which see beyond the edits.

So here is the final image -

First Kiss

It is very different to the image that came out of the camera, isn't it? However, as a photographer, you look to get the best out of a situation and also learn from them too. In this case, I got an image I really like - but with lights and a tripod I could have made really a more dramatic image, but all our tools came use used when we would like them to be.

Tell me what you think below... If you'd like more details on the specifics on the edit I too can give these.


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