On The Streets - First Solo Exhibition

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On The Street - My first solo photography exhibition.

2017 is quickly becoming a year of firsts for me. This exhibition all started after I entered a local photographic competition called Pride of Preston, which was run by the Caravan Gallery last year(2015). I entered three street images from around Preston, all of which were produced in monochrome and they did rather well, with two of them being classed in first place. The I got talking to Richard from Ham and Jam who turned out to be one of the selectors and he was very keen to see more of my work, so much so he suggested doing an exhibition.

Well, I couldn't say no to do could I, but I really had no real idea what was involve or what to put together, so time ticked by until the bullet was bitten. I selected a range of 30 images from around Europe and the "On the Streets" exhibition was born. Nights of printing, mounting and then framing passed by in quick succession before I was ready to go. I have to give a big thank you to Preston Photographic Society for the loan of their frames, not to mention helping hang them on the day.

Alas, it is over but not before drawing a little attention. First on Twitter and Facebook, then BBC Radio Lancashire and a talk on live radio with John Gillmore, this was quickly followed by a story in the Lancashire Post.

Here are a few of the shots I shared in print.

http://alfagraphy.zenfolio.com/ Evolution of ManEvolution of ManOn the seafront at Thessaloniki, Greece, three men spend the morning fishing. City HustleCity HustleOur hectic streets,
All flow,
And sometimes slow.

Step aside from the hustle.


Your feedback - Some entries from the Comment book which was left in Ham and Jam

"These are awesome photo!" - Matthew Bennett

"A great exhibition of street photography Alf. Love the quality of the black and white prints on display. These pictures are brilliant examples of street photography at its best. Inspiring stuff!" - Paul M

"Alf this is a great form of art and expression. It looks amazing and must be so hard to get it. I went to see an exhibition by Eric Kim recently and thought I must go and see your exhibition as I really like what Eric Kim does. I really enjoyed the exhibition and the coffee shop is great asset to Preston." - Eric Kim Fan! Now Alf Myers Fan!



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