Street photography - finding the exciting within the mundane.

Everyday we walk around our towns and cities but rarely looking at what goes by. That fleeting moment, that glance, that moment.... for most unseen or forgotten. For a street photographer, it is our drive to make images that tell the story of our times.

These images are mostly from Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and London. But also further afield an into Europe.
Evolution of ManStreet Photography by Alf Myers - a man takes a sip of coffee from his spoonA lady smokes outside of her shop in the cold English winter. Image by Preston based photographer Alf MyersStreet TangoLate Night CutA hat is picked out from the chaos of shopping in Manchester's city centre by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersA man sits on the steps of a shopping mall using his laptop. Image made by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersTwo friends sit wait for a call. By Preston street photographer Alf MyersPeople walk by a street artist's tribute to Prince, by Preston street photographer Alf MyersAn images of a man walking by the Tea House shop in London by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersLooking Dapper in ManchesterAnything She Can Do...Behind The TreeIndoor Market TonesA Greek market stall holder looks over his products  by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersIn Need of DirectionThessaloniki's HarbourThe Meat MarketA runner running alongside the sea in Thessaloniki, Greece. Image by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersEmotions