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I went somewhere a little different today, Chester, England, for a little day out and to scout the historic city for potential street photowalk later in the year. As always, my camera was with me and I happened to see this fella standing in a doorway. In my mind a great image was appearing. I quickly grabbed a shot, the light was good. smile emoticon Anyway, I was almost sure I wouldn't have got the image I wanted, but his look, style and not to mention the way the light was falling was just asking for more images to be taken. I introduced myself...

Meet Max, a photographer from Chester who likes to travel. Which combined with his photography is a good thing. His last trip took him to the land of fire and ice. He was in awe of the place and from what I've seen off it (in photos!) I can understand why.

Thanks for chatting Max, and much success. Fingers crossed our paths will meet again in the photography wold.