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Street photography - finding the exciting within the mundane.

Everyday we walk around our towns and cities but rarely looking at what goes by. That fleeting moment, that glance, that moment.... for most unseen or forgotten. For a street photographer, it is our drive to make images that tell the story of our times.

These images provide a artistic view of our world and at the same time documents our times for future generations.
Have you been on the Red BullThe Magic NumberThe Stag Do in LiverpoolThessaloniki's HarbourIn Need of DirectionA Greek market stall holder looks over his products  by Preston based street photographer Alf MyersThe Meat MarketIndoor Market TonesBehind The TreeAnything She Can Do...Big Bag Tram ManRelaxing in ComfortChecking OutEverything Must Go!Time for a Chippy TeaAn images of a man walking by the Tea House shop in London by Preston based street photographer Alf Myers