Videos and Audio/Visual shows  

Editing an Image - for Preston Photographic Society

Whilst in the COVID-19 Lockdown, Preston Photographic Society's members started to share their images with a view of seeing how other people would edit their image. Here is a video of one of my attempts


On The Streets - 2018 - In Mono

Images from throughout 2018 showing the places I've been too and the people I've observed. All of the images are in monochrome or Black & White.


Poland 2018

Images from my 2018 visit to Kraków, Poland. With a short opening set of images from Auschwitz which proved to be very moving and left an impression that will never be forgotten.


Editing an Image - Monochrome

My approach to editing a street image, specifically a black and white conversion using Lightroom CC (Classic). It gives some hints and tips on what to look for and how to draw attention to specific subjects in the scene.


Crete - 2017

Going on your holidays? Don't forget to take your camera. Here is a video showing a range of images from a short stay on the Greek island of Crete.