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Again something a little different, I'd been a Preston Photographic Society photowalk organised by Nancy Barrett and we'd adjourned to the pub for a bit of social discussion... And while at the bar in the queue to order we were joined and a rather interesting group. Alex stood out and I introduced myself. Needless to say I had a motive.

So after a little chat with Alex I find out he is a member of a band and has just come from a protest regarding Fracking in Preston, Lancashire. During which he had encouraged some of our local police force to play the drums.

This leads to his job - a member of a band, but also 2 days a week he teaches music to students who have had a few difficulties at school. His zest for music came over and you could really see the reward he got from helping the teenagers bring out the creative side.

Thank you Alex for talking and agreeing to join my project.